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  • Honeysuckle Flower

    Pam’s Pink Honeysuckle


    This evergreen, twining shrub has waxy blue-green foliage and lightly scented, cream and pink blossoms. It may be trained as a vine if support is provided. It is tolerant of alkalinity, salinity, heat and drought once established. Plant in full sun. Cut back periodically to maintain size and shape and to encourage vigorous new shoots….

  • Rogers Red Grap

    Roger’s Red Wild Grape


    A wild grape vine originally from Northern California, it is know for its vibrant fall color. In Las Vegas, the red display will peak in early December. In spring, small fragrant flowers bloom followed by small grape clusters ripening by late summer. The fruit is edible and tasty, and is a rare treat for birds…

  • Yellow Orchid Vine

    Yellow Orchid Vine


    This gorgeous vine is native to Baja California  and Sonora Mexico and is in Barbados Cherry Family (Malpighiaceae) . Yellow Orchid Vine can easily be trained on a fence or trellis. If left unsupported, this plant will twine on itself to produce a mounding shrub or ground-cover. The smooth green leaves are 2 inches long…