Yellow Orchid Vine

Callaeum Macropterum
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This gorgeous vine is native to Baja California  and Sonora Mexico and is in Barbados Cherry Family (Malpighiaceae) . Yellow Orchid Vine can easily be trained on a fence or trellis. If left unsupported, this plant will twine on itself to produce a mounding shrub or ground-cover. The smooth green leaves are 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. Bright yellow, 5-petaled orchid-like flowers adorn the plant in spring and summer. Once established, this vine is fairly drought tolerant, but it will appear more lush with regular watering through the warm season. It is sensitive to hard frosts, but the plant will recover slowly in spring. In the higher elevation parts of the Las Vegas valley, plant in a warm micro-climate. The foliage of Yellow Orchid Vine is hardy to about 25° F, but usually recovers from lower temperatures from its roots.



Cold Hardiness: 25 F
Mature Height: 30-35 ft
Mature Width: 15-20 ft
Shape: Vine