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  • Arabian Lilac

    Arabian Lilac ‘Purpurea’


    Arabian Lilac is a exceptional accent shrub or small tree for our hot desert climate. Distinctively green leaves with showy purple undersides. Clusters of small purple blooms are followed by small black berries. Semi-evergreen in our climate.

  • Cast Iron Plant

    Cast Iron Plant


    Cast Iron Plant is not a plant you would think you could grow outdoors in the desert. This big leafy shrub is surprisingly hardy. Cold tolerant down to 5 degrees, heat tolerant and doesn’t require humidity. It takes a great potted plant for patios and can also be grown indoors in low light conditions. While…

  • Jacaranda

    Jacaranda Tree


    Jacaranda is a beautiful tree prized all over the world for its spectacular flowering display. Here in Southern Nevada it can be a challenge to grow. They are hardy down to 20 degrees once they are mature, but before that they can take damage at 25-28 degrees.  It will probably do best in the central…

  • Mastic Tree

    Mastic Tree


    The Mastic Tree is a hardy tree native to the countries along the Mediterranean sea.  It is becoming more in Southern Nevada and it can be grown as a single or multi-trunk tree.  It will grow to about 15-20 feet tall and wide, and unlike other trees in the Pistacia genus, the Mastic tree is…

  • Xylosma

    Shiny Xylosma


    Xylosma can grown as a shrub or a small tree.  One of the best plants to use as a formal or natural hedge in Las Vegas. A Leafy green shrub that looks great all summer long. Superb heat tolerance.

  • Texas Red Oak

    Texas Red Oak


    The Texas Red Oak is a spectacular deciduous tree, similar in appearance to the Shumard oak. It is a superior choice to the Shumard oak here in the desert because it is more tolerant of drought and alkaline soils.  Like its cousin, it has deeply lobed leaves that turn scarlet or maroon in the late…

  • Texas Redbud

    Texas Redbud


    The small size (to 15-20 feet tall and wide), lush-looking green leaves, and spectacular spring flower display make this tree a superb choice for most western gardens. Texas Redbud is smaller and more drought tolerant than the eastern redbud, growing in well drained soils with high pH. The leathery leaves are thick and considerably smaller…