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  • Budda Belly Bamboo

    Buddha Belly Bamboo


    Buddha Belly Bamboo, scientifically known as Bambusa ventricosa, is an enchanting and visually striking bamboo species that captures attention with its unique and distinct characteristics. Originating from China, this extraordinary plant has gained popularity as an ornamental species due to its peculiar swollen inter-nodes, which resemble the round belly of the revered Buddha statue. The…

  • Desert Willow Rio Saldo

    Desert Willow ‘Rio Saldo’


    The Rio Saldo variety of Desert Willow flowers stand out from other desert willows. They are a dark crimson color with shades of pink. Deep, emerald green leaves contrast nicely with velvety white buds. Most often, buds are a good indicator of flower color, but with this one there is a twist. The preadolescent buds…

  • Sissio Tree

    Indian Rosewood Tree


    Also known as Sissoo Tree this evergreen to semi-evergreen tree has glossy green compound leaves resembling an Aspen. Rosewood is a very fast growing, soft-wooded tree, especially if provided ample irrigation. Prized for its large shade canopy, it has proven quite drought tolerant in desert climates. The large root system is useful for erosion control,…

  • Jojoba



    Jojoba, also known as a Goatnut, it is moderately to fast growing  long-lived large shrub. Flowers are yellow and bloom in the late spring or early summer. Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants, the “goatnut” fruits only being found on female plants with male plants nearby. Female plants produce hard, brown fruit…

  • New Mexico Olive

    New Mexico Olive Tree


    New Mexico Olive is a rare desert tree that has spectacular fall color. Turning bright yellow in the fall, this small tree will stand out in your yard. Since it is not a true Olive, the tree is approved to plant locally in Clark County, Nevada. New Mexico Olive blooms in the early spring with…

  • Texas Redbud

    Texas Redbud


    The small size (to 15-20 feet tall and wide), lush-looking green leaves, and spectacular spring flower display make this tree a superb choice for most western gardens. Texas Redbud is smaller and more drought tolerant than the eastern redbud, growing in well drained soils with high pH. The leathery leaves are thick and considerably smaller…