Blue Mallee

Eucalyptus Pleurocarpa
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Eucalyptus pleurocarpa also known as the Tallerack is a mallee. It is one of the best small trees (shrubs) for a hot, dry area, this rare  Eucalyptus bears very attractive, stem-clasping.It has huge elliptical grey-blue green leaves with a very prominent central vein. When the Blue Mallee flowers they are grouped in threes and have masses of white stamen grouped together. Very Drought Tolerant and low maintenance.  Blue Malle is also a very fast grower and cold hardy down to about 10 F. In its natural form it usually is multi-stemmed, it can be cut back to form a base-branching bush. A excellent container plant & works great in a patio setting.

Cold Hardiness: 10 F
Mature Height: 10-15 ft
Mature Width: 10-15 ft
Shape: Rounded