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  • Anachio Orchid

    Anacacho Orchid Tree

    The Anacacho Orchid Tree is a fabulous a small tree or a large shrub. Evergreen in mild winters it is is drought-tolerant, needs little care and water, grows fairly fast, and produces abundant spring blooms.  

  • Blue Mallee

    Blue Mallee


    Eucalyptus pleurocarpa also known as the Tallerack is a mallee. It is one of the best small trees (shrubs) for a hot, dry area, this rare  Eucalyptus bears very attractive, stem-clasping.It has huge elliptical grey-blue green leaves with a very prominent central vein. When the Blue Mallee flowers they are grouped in threes and have…

  • Cascalote Smoothie

    Cascalote Smoothie


    Cascalote is one of the few trees that blooms in the Winter, and when it does it a spectacular sight!  This rare thorn-less version from Mountain States is known as Smoothie®. It produces large spikes of clear yellow flowers at the branch tips during the winter months, followed by attractive copper-colored seedpods. Like its parent,…

  • Chase Tree ‘Montrose Purple’


    Originating in the Mediterranean areas of southern Europe and Asia, this long-lived and slow-growing tree has proven to be well adapted to the Mojave desert. Large palmate green leaves have a spicy fragrance, and drop in the fall. Large terminal spikes of indigo flowers set ‘Montrose Purple’ apart from variable seedlings. These fragrant flowers attract…

  • Chinese Flame Tree


    Chinese Flame Tree – Koelreuteria bipinnata

  • Coral Gum Eucalyptus


    Coral Gum is one of the smaller, yet prettiest Eucalyptus trees you will find. It is a prolific bloomer from August through December. Red or Pink flowers cluster throughout its spreading branch habit. It is native to hillsides around Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. Plant in full sun,  and deep…

  • Curly Mallee

    Curly Mallee


    The Curly Mallee is an beautiful small tree with unique buds and attractive yellow flowers. The leaves are heart shaped with a silver to blue hue. Native to South Australia this handsome tree prefers full sun and decent drainage. Once established, it becomes very drought tolerant. Cold Hardy down to the teens. Really no issues…

  • Desert Diva

    Desert Willow ‘Desert Diva’


    Chilopsis linearis ‘Lopur’ Desert Diva® is an outstanding new selection of Desert Willow developed by Mountain States Nursery . Deep, emerald green leaves contrast nicely with velvety white buds. Most often, buds are a good indicator of flower color, but with this one there is a twist. The pearlescent buds open to a deep, dark,…

  • Desert Willow Rio Saldo

    Desert Willow ‘Rio Saldo’


    The Rio Saldo variety of Desert Willow flowers stand out from other desert willows. They are a dark crimson color with shades of pink. Deep, emerald green leaves contrast nicely with velvety white buds. Most often, buds are a good indicator of flower color, but with this one there is a twist. The preadolescent buds…

  • Dundus Mahogany

    Dundas Mahogany


    Dundas Mahogany a.k.a Eucalyptus Brockwayi is fast growing medium sized tree. It has beautiful shinny green leaves that change shape as the foliage matures. It starts out really small and then elongates into a large green leaf. Its bark is an attractive reddish-copper color and has a smooth skin to it. Good drought and cold…

  • Honeylocust

    Golden HoneyLocust


    A fast-growing tree that provides dappled shade and is highly adaptable to different environments. Golden Honey Locust flowers in the spring or early summer with strong scented cream colored flowers. The flowers are not showy, but they provide a good source of nectar for pollinators. Drought tolerant once established, its fern-like appearance is a striking…

  • Golden Rain Tree


    Golden Rain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata

  • Sissio Tree

    Indian Rosewood Tree


    Also known as Sissoo Tree this evergreen to semi-evergreen tree has glossy green compound leaves resembling an Aspen. Rosewood is a very fast growing, soft-wooded tree, especially if provided ample irrigation. Prized for its large shade canopy, it has proven quite drought tolerant in desert climates. The large root system is useful for erosion control,…

  • Italian Stone Pine

    Italian Stone Pine


    Pinus pinea also known as the Umbrella Pine or the Stone Pine has been long planted in the Las Vegas area since the first casino was built. Since its been planted for so long here, you can find beautiful mature specimens on the east side of the valley.  You will need a larger yard for…

  • Jacaranda

    Jacaranda Tree


    Jacaranda is a beautiful tree prized all over the world for its spectacular flowering display. Here in Southern Nevada it can be a challenge to grow. They are hardy down to 20 degrees once they are mature, but before that they can take damage at 25-28 degrees.  It will probably do best in the central…

  • Japanese Pagoda Tree ‘Regent’


    Also known as the Scholar Tree, or the Chinese Scholar tree. The Japanese Pagoda tree is a beautiful medium/large sized tree. It is grown for its attractive green foliage and fragrant showy flowers. It is has a cascading form with drooping branches that are strong and don’t break. Its showy leaves remain green on the…

  • Sale! Kruses's Bookleaf Mallee

    Kruses’s Bookleaf Mallee


    Kruses’s Bookleaf Mallee is a medium sized tree in the Eucalyptus family. The unique leaf shape and branching structure makes a wonderful focal point in your yard. This tree is evergreen and is frost and heat tolerant. The leaves are used in floral arrangements and have a wonderful blue-green color to them. Great patio or…

  • Eucalyptus Woodwardii

    Lemon Flowered Gum


    Eucalyptus Woodwardii is an attractive drought tolerant tree with huge grey green leaves. In the spring and summer it will bloom with white flower buds and large clusters of cascading brilliant yellow flowers. This tree has smooth, white, copper, pinkish colored bark that is beautiful when it sheds. This tree is a popular ornamental in…

  • Mastic Tree

    Mastic Tree


    The Mastic Tree is a hardy tree native to the countries along the Mediterranean sea.  It is becoming more in Southern Nevada and it can be grown as a single or multi-trunk tree.  It will grow to about 15-20 feet tall and wide, and unlike other trees in the Pistacia genus, the Mastic tree is…

  • New Mexico Olive

    New Mexico Olive Tree


    New Mexico Olive is a rare desert tree that has spectacular fall color. Turning bright yellow in the fall, this small tree will stand out in your yard. Since it is not a true Olive, the tree is approved to plant locally in Clark County, Nevada. New Mexico Olive blooms in the early spring with…

  • Acacia Farnesiana Sweet Sierra

    Podless Sweet Acacia ‘Sweet Sierra’


    Sweet Sierra Acacia is a extremely tough tree will grow in almost any situation, from hot parking lots to turf areas. Its moderate size, fast growth rate, and attractive vase-shaped form make it a popular choice for desert landscapes. Masses of fragrant yellow puffball flowers are produced in the spring that perfume the garden. This…

  • red push pistache

    Red Push Pistache


    Red-Push Pistache is a long-lived deciduous tree with a moderate growth rate, developing a broad, spreading crown. It is a hybrid between P. atlantica and P. integerrima with compound leaves that emerge with a with a red tint.  The leaves mature to green, but fall brings another change with shades of red, orange and yellow….

  • Round Leaf Gum

    Round Leafed Gum


    The Round Leaf Gum also  commonly known as Webster’s mallee is a small to medium sized tree that comes from Western Australia. Growing up to 10 feet high, this small tree is compact and provides only lightly dappled shade. A very good tree to plant plants that need shade during the summer under. Eucalyptus websteriana…

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    Salt Lake Mallee


    Eucalyptus halophila is a large shrub or small trees that usually grows to a height of 20-25 feet and about 10-15 feet wide. Is has beautiful white-grey smooth bark with sometimes peeling at the lower half of its branches.  It is very tolerant of clay and sandy soils and drainage is not a problem for…

  • Salt River Gum

    Salt River Gum


    Eucalyptus sargentii is native to the semi-arid parts of southwestern Australia. It requires a location with full sun and is not very tolerant of shade. This is one of the best eucalyptus trees for areas that have a high salt concentration in the soil. It also has a tolerance for extremely Alkaline soils, terrible drainage…

  • Shademaster Locust


    A fast-growing tree that provides dappled shade and is highly adaptable to different environments. Shademaster is a thorn-less variety of Locust that flowers in the spring or early summer with strong scented cream colored flowers. The flowers are not showy, but they provide a good source of nectar for pollinators. Drought tolerant once established, its…

  • Xylosma

    Shiny Xylosma


    Xylosma can grown as a shrub or a small tree.  One of the best plants to use as a formal or natural hedge in Las Vegas. A Leafy green shrub that looks great all summer long. Superb heat tolerance.

  • Silverton Red Gum

    Silverton Red Gum


    The Silverton Red Gum is a spectacular tall tree that does well in the Las Vegas Valley. Cold Hardy and drought hardy once established, this tree tolerates our poor soils as long as there is reasonable drainage. Smooth gray bark with branches that form a weeping habit. Eucalyptus camaldulensis ‘Silverton’ is a fast grower and…

  • Snow Queen

    Snow Queen Eucalyptus


    Eucalyptus Victrix  is a fantastic small to medium sized tree known as also know as the Powderbark Coolabah or Snow Queen.  Height generally 25 to 30 feet but can grow even higher under the right conditions. Snow Queen features a stunning white trunk, grey green foliage and masses of small creamy white flowers through summer….

  • Placeholder

    Southern Live Oak


    The most planted Oak tree in Las Vegas. Also known as the Live Oak or Virginia live oak from the southern United States is a very adaptable tree. It does well in any soil, heat and cold hardy, and drought tolerant when established. In its native range in the southern united states, there are specimens…