Baja Ruellia

Ruellia Peninsularis
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Also know as Desert Ruellia, this lovely shrub is frequently planted along streets and freeways in California, Arizona and Mexico.  The deep purple flowers and white-grey stems make for an interesting contrast in your garden. Baja Ruellia is a evergreen shrub, fast growing to 5 feet tall and wide. It is unique in the fact that it will put out blooms all year long, but the peak bloom period occurs in the spring and early summer.  In the higher elevations of the Las Vegas valley, it will probably do best in a frost-protected area. If you in the central to eastern parts of the valley, then Baja Ruellia should require almost no maintenance. Baja Ruellia does best in full sun and can handle some reflected heat.

Cold Hardiness: 25 F
Mature Height: 5 ft
Mature Width: 4-5 ft
Shape: Rounded