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  • Arabian Lilac

    Arabian Lilac ‘Purpurea’


    Arabian Lilac is a exceptional accent shrub or small tree for our hot desert climate. Distinctively green leaves with showy purple undersides. Clusters of small purple blooms are followed by small black berries. Semi-evergreen in our climate.

  • Arizona Rosewood

    Arizona Rosewood


    Arizona Rosewood is a slow-growing, evergreen shrub native to southern Arizona and northern Mexico The dark green, leathery and lance-shaped leaves are similar to oleander. Clusters of white flowers appear in late spring, eventually developing into persistent tan colored fruit. Rosewood may be planted in full sun and but requires good drainage. Unlike oleander, there…

  • Arizona Rosewood P

    Arizona Rosewood ‘Compact’


    A slow to moderate growing, evergreen shrub native to southern Arizona and northern Mexico The dark green, leathery and lance-shaped leaves are similar to oleander. Clusters of white flowers appear in late spring, eventually developing into persistent tan colored fruit. Rosewood may be planted in full sun and but requires good drainage. Unlike oleander, there…

  • baja ruellia

    Baja Ruellia


    Also know as Desert Ruellia, this lovely shrub is frequently planted along streets and freeways in California, Arizona and Mexico.  The deep purple flowers and white-grey stems make for an interesting contrast in your garden. Baja Ruellia is a evergreen shrub, fast growing to 5 feet tall and wide. It is unique in the fact…

  • Cast Iron Plant

    Cast Iron Plant


    Cast Iron Plant is not a plant you would think you could grow outdoors in the desert. This big leafy shrub is surprisingly hardy. Cold tolerant down to 5 degrees, heat tolerant and doesn’t require humidity. It takes a great potted plant for patios and can also be grown indoors in low light conditions. While…

  • Dark Knight

    Dark Knight Shrub ‘Blue Mist, Bluebeard’


    Talk about a shrub that can do it all. Extreme cold tolerance, check, hot desert sun, check, beautiful blue flowers, check.  Blue Mist is a hybrid between Caryopteris incana and Caryopteris mongolica. Something must of clicked because this shrub is better than both its parents in almost all ways.  The flowers are rich in nectar,…

  • Kalgoorie Emu Bush

    Easter Egg Emu Bush


    This this is a showy semi-sprawling neat shrub with stunning green / grey foliage. This almost all year bloomer with flowers in the colors of easter eggs which hummingbirds love. Heat, cold tolerant. Works good as a ground-cover or as low hedge, prune to shape. Plant in groups for the best effect.    

  • eremophila maculata 'wendy'

    Eremophila maculata ‘Wendy’


    Also known as the Spotted Emu Bush, Fuchsia Bush, or Swamp Fuchsia. This shrub has a dense habit usually growing to between 5 to 8 feet tall and almost as wide. Attractive flowers are produced from winter to late spring and are dark pink in color and tubular in shape.  These flowers are nectar rich…

  • Evergreen Sumac


    This evergreen shrub is native to the rocky slopes of southeastern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico at elevations from 2000 to 5000 feet. The dark green, rounded compound leaves have thick waxy leaflets. Clusters of white flowers in the spring are followed by showy red berries. Plant in full sun to part shade and…

  • Flame Acanthus


    Anisacanthus quadrifidus v. wrightii Mexican Fire™ (Flame Acanthus)

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    Grey Creeping Germander


    Grey Creeping Germander

  • Jojoba



    Jojoba, also known as a Goatnut, it is moderately to fast growing  long-lived large shrub. Flowers are yellow and bloom in the late spring or early summer. Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants, the “goatnut” fruits only being found on female plants with male plants nearby. Female plants produce hard, brown fruit…

  • mexican honeysuckle

    Mexican Honeysuckle


    This evergreen shrub is native to Mexico and South America.  Mexican Honeysuckle will bloom all year long in warmer areas and only during the summer in the colder parts of its range. Hummingbirds love its orange tube like flowers. In Las Vegas it is recommend to only plant in areas with morning sun or light…

  • Outback Senna

    Outback Senna


    Also known as Outback Cassia. Many people have remarked that the coloration of this attractive shrub is similar to the high elevation native manzanita. Outback Senna, an Australian native, has glossy green leaves and red stems. It grows to about 5 feet tall and wide, with a naturally rounded form. In the springtime it is…

  • Indian Mallow

    Palmer’s Indian Mallow


    Abutilon palmeri, is a species of flowering plant native the Southwestern United States. It is also known by Superstition mallow, Palmer’s Indian mallow.  This versatile shrub can be used in full sun and reflected heat exposures, as well as in part shade. Under shady conditions it tends to have an open, sprawling growth habit, while…

  • Prostrate Germander


    Prostrate Germander

  • Red Justica

    Red Justicia


    Red Justicia is a small, evergreen shrub native to Southern Arizona and Sonora Mexico. This plant is a must if your trying to attract hummingbirds or any other pollinators. Blooms are red to orange in color, tubular is shape and are prolific from Spring thru Fall. Plants will look best in partial shade in Las…

  • San marcos

    San Marcos Hibiscus


    San Marcos Hibiscus is one of the best looking adaptable flowering shrubs for the desert. Native to Baja California, this plant thrives in full sun and reflected heat exposures. It is so heat tolerant that it can be planted in center landscapes surrounded by pavement and not blink an eye.  This fantastic shrub is  evergreen,…

  • Xylosma

    Shiny Xylosma


    Xylosma can grown as a shrub or a small tree.  One of the best plants to use as a formal or natural hedge in Las Vegas. A Leafy green shrub that looks great all summer long. Superb heat tolerance.

  • Firecracker Bush

    Sierra Star Calliandra


    The Sierra Star Calliandra bush is a hummingbird’s buffet. Beautiful clusters of  tubular red-orange flowers are prolifically produced through the warm season. Dark purple fruit follow the flowers which compliments the dark  green leaves. In Fall, the leaves turn a copper red color and puts on quite a display! In colder regions of southern Nevada…

  • Skeleton Eye

    Skeleton-leaf Goldeneye


    This Chihuahuan desert native is another great choice for Southern Nevada. Sprawling lacy green foliage with yellow quarter-sized flowers that bloom spring through summer.  Makes a great backdrop in a Xeriscape garden. Extremely cold hardy, plants will stay evergreen to the low 20’s. Skeleton-leaf is also very heat tolerant, it can also be planted in…

  • Cordia boissieri

    Texas Olive Tree


    Cordia boissieri is a large shrub to small tree in the borage family (Boraginaceae). Its native range extends from southern Texas in the United States south to central Mexico. Common names include Anacahuita, Texas Olive Mexican olive, or White Cordia. The deep green leaves are large, leathery, and coarse in texture. Large white flowers bloom…

  • Trident Salvia

    Trident Salvia


    This plant is a three-way hybrid between Salvia mojavensis, S. clevelandii and S. dorrii. It retains the strong, pungent aroma of the Desert sage and the interesting whorled flowering spikes of the Cleveland sage while introducing compactness, extreme drought tolerance and hardiness to the mix. This shrub will top out at about 3 to 4…

  • Turpentine Bush


    Ericameria Laricifolia Aguirre™

  • Sale! Ultra Violet

    Ultra Violet Sage


    ‘Ultra Violet’ sage is a very rare hummingbird activated cross between blue flowered Salvia lycioides and pink Salvia greggii. Introduced by renowned husband and wife team Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden, this stunning Salvia grows to 20” tall and 28” wide and will display a showy set of vibrant purple blooms from late spring…

  • Devils River

    Wedelia Devil’s River™


    Devils River™ is one tough shrub. It is an ideal low shrub for use next to parking lots, sidewalks and road medians. From spring to early fall, Devils River is in full bloom with light airy orange-yellow daisy like flowers.  In the winter months, Devils River will get shaggy looking, but you can trim away…

  • white-plumbago

    White Plumbago ‘Summer Snow’


    This sprawling shrub forms a dense mound of green foliage to 3 feet tall by 3-4 feet wide. Its vine-like habit makes it an ideal choice for spilling over walls or planters. Masses of white flowers provide a cooling effect from May through September. White Plumbagos native range includes Baja California, Mexico, southern Arizona, and…