White Japanese Beautyberry

Callicarpa japonica ‘Leucocarpa’
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Japanese White Beautyberry is a wonderful, large under-story shrub with a graceful loose and arching form. In the fall and early winter, the branches are laden with white berry clusters that look spectacular as the leaves drop in autumn. It is useful as a screen  under shade trees in a garden setting. It can be cut to 12″ above the base each winter to encourage more compact growth, flowers and fruit. It can also be left to mature naturally into a tall woody shrub. Cold and heat tolerant, the shrub may temporarily defoliate and lose developing fruit during periods of prolonged summer drought. The seeds and berries are important foods for many species of birds. Japanese White Beautyberry has moderate tolerance to very alkaline soil, but it will look better with an acidic fertilizer. Fertilize 2-3 times a year during the growing season. In Las Vegas, be sure to plant in part sun to shade.

Cold Hardiness: 10 F
Mature Height: 6 ft
Mature Width: 6 ft
Shape: Arching