Dundas Mahogany


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Dundas Mahogany a.k.a Eucalyptus Brockwayi is fast growing medium sized tree. It has beautiful shinny green leaves that change shape as the foliage matures. It starts out really small and then elongates into a large green leaf. Its bark is an attractive reddish-copper color and has a smooth skin to it. Good drought and cold tolerance, it does well in poor soils, clay, and full sun. One of the greener Eucalyptus trees you can plant in the desert.

Dimensions 6303710 × 63028719 in

Full Sun, Part Sun

Flower Color


Flowering Season(s)


Foilage Color

Green, Red

Foiliage Habit


Growth Rate

Medium, Fast

Soil PH

Neutral, Slightly Alkaline, Alkaline

Soil Type(s)

Clay, Loam, Sandy


Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10, Zone 11

Water Usage


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