Indian Rosewood Tree


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Also known as Sissoo Tree this evergreen to semi-evergreen tree has glossy green compound leaves resembling an Aspen. Rosewood is a very fast growing, soft-wooded tree, especially if provided ample irrigation. Prized for its large shade canopy, it has proven quite drought tolerant in desert climates. The large root system is useful for erosion control, but do not plant it near walls or foundations. Probably best for larger yards. Under-planted in Southern Nevada, although the city of Las Vegas has been planting them downtown with great success.

Dimensions 6303710 × 63028719 in

Full Sun, Part Sun

Flower Color


Flowering Season(s)


Foilage Color


Foiliage Habit

Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen

Growth Rate

Very Fast

Soil PH

Slightly Acidic, Neutral, Slightly Alkaline, Alkaline, Very Alkaline

Soil Type(s)

Clay, Loam, Sandy


Zone 9, Zone 10, Zone 11

Water Usage


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