Italian Stone Pine

Pinus pinea
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Pinus pinea also known as the Umbrella Pine or the Stone Pine has been long planted in the Las Vegas area since the first casino was built. Since its been planted for so long here, you can find beautiful mature specimens on the east side of the valley.  You will need a larger yard for this tree because it can get up to 60 feet high and wide in our area. The Stone Pine starts off young with your typical pyramidal pine tree shape with blue-green foliage. As the tree matures it spreads out into a large umbrella shape and the needles become more green with age.

This tree has been cultivated extensively throughout the Mediterranean region for its edible pine nuts, which have been trade items since early historic times. Drought tolerant once established, this beautiful tree can provide a huge amount of shade for your home and yard.

Cold Hardiness: 5 F
Mature Height: 40-70 ft
Mature Width: 30-50 ft
Shape: Umbrella