San Marcos Hibiscus

Gossypium Harknessii
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San Marcos Hibiscus is one of the best looking adaptable flowering shrubs for the desert. Native to Baja California, this plant thrives in full sun and reflected heat exposures. It is so heat tolerant that it can be planted in center landscapes surrounded by pavement and not blink an eye.  This fantastic shrub is  evergreen, with thick, heart-shaped glossy green leaves. Large yellow flowers start appearing in the spring when daytime temperatures get above 80 degrees. A prolific bloomer, it will flower spring, summer and fall. Another wonderful feature of San Marcos Hibiscus is that it prefers native rocky soils without added organic matter and is very salt tolerant. San Marcos is a bit frost tender and will take damage at 25-27 degrees. If it does take damage it remove all the dead foliage and it will grow back from its roots. (Like Lantana)

Cold Hardiness: 26 F
Mature Height: 3 – 4 ft
Mature Width: 3 – 6 ft
Shape: Low Shrub