Palmer’s Indian Mallow


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Abutilon palmeri, is a species of flowering plant native the Southwestern United States. It is also known by Superstition mallow, Palmer’s Indian mallow.  This versatile shrub can be used in full sun and reflected heat exposures, as well as in part shade. Under shady conditions it tends to have an open, sprawling growth habit, while it stays dense and rounded in full sun. Indian mallow blooms on and off throughout from spring thru fall.  It will experience some foliage and stem damage when temperatures drop into the low 20’s F. It can be cut back hard in early spring to remove damaged foliage

Foiliage Habit



Full Sun, Part Sun

Growth Rate



Zone 9, Zone 10, Zone 11, Zone 12, Zone 13

Foilage Color


Soil PH

Neutral, Slightly Alkaline, Alkaline

Soil Type(s)

Clay, Loam, Sandy


1 Gallon

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