Japanese Pagoda Tree ‘Regent’

Sophora japonica ‘Regent’
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Also known as the Scholar Tree, or the Chinese Scholar tree. The Japanese Pagoda tree is a beautiful medium/large sized tree. It is grown for its attractive green foliage and fragrant showy flowers. It is has a cascading form with drooping branches that are strong and don’t break. Its showy leaves remain green on the tree late into the fall, so its deciduous period is relatively short and fall color is a bright yellow.

The ‘Regent’ cultivar is superior than the  standard Japanese Pagoda Tree. It has a growth rate which is faster than the species and tolerates polluted city conditions, salt, alkaline soil, heat, and moderate drought. When planting make sure to use amended soil and have good drainage. . The tree prefers a sunny, open location but can tolerate some shade in the hottest climates.

Cold Hardiness: 10 F
Mature Height: 40-50 ft
Mature Width: 30-40 ft
Shape: Umbrella