Mexican Sycamore


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Platanus mexicana, commonly known as the Mexican sycamore, is a magnificent and resilient deciduous tree native to Mexico and parts of Central America, known for its remarkable adaptability to various environments, including desert regions. This impressive tree boasts a commanding presence, often reaching towering heights of over 80 feet, with a broad canopy of large, hand-shaped leaves. Its lush, green foliage provides abundant shade, making it an excellent choice for mitigating the harsh desert sun. In the fall, the leaves transform into a vibrant display of yellow and gold, enhancing the tree’s beauty. One of the Mexican sycamore’s most notable attributes is its ability to thrive in arid and semi-arid conditions. It can withstand drought and the challenging desert climate, thanks to its deep root system, which allows it to access water sources deep underground. This resilience makes it a valuable addition to desert landscapes and urban areas where water conservation is a priority.

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Full Sun, Part Sun, Light Shade

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